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UnlimitedServe is not only a web host, but a community revolved around hosting. UnlimitedServe has one comprehensive package which will cover the most basic site up to the most advanced and demanding sites. UnlimiteServe believes in the best, so we've bought the very best servers and hired the best team. We also believe space and limits should not be an issue when hosting a great site, so we decided to give you an unlimited amount of disk space, bandwidth, emails, add-on domains, parked domains, MySQL databases and email accounts among other things. We also know how hard it is to learn how to use a hosts control panel. We decided to make this easier for you by using the very latest version of cPanel. This means that there will be no nasty surprises, or new things to learn. We also give you access to phpMyAdmin, so for all you technology lovers. You can work in an environment your familiar with. All this combined with the speed and agility of the servers means your site will appear instantly world wide from the moment you click sign-up. Search engines like google favour the fast, and in this day and age a slow site is similar to no site. If you want free hosting from the experts. It's only a click away, sign up now.

1. No advertisements
2. Instant activation
3. Amazing Support + Friendly Community
4. Unlimited MB disk space
5.Unlimited MB of super fast bandwidth.
6. 99.95% guaranteed uptime.
7. Unlimited of features - (MySQL Databases, Email Accounts, + more)
8.Choice of using a cool free domain name (dot.tk) or use your own domain
9. Regular Backups
10. Softaculous full 210 script auto installer

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